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Hey everyone! Treasure Quest is a personal game I've worked 10 months on and still growing! This is the sequel to my other game called Destiny Venture. Starting off as a first person based RPG dungeon crawler with linear exploration and the mission is the collect a multitude of items and equipment, search for chests, slash through enemies and bosses and gradually build the strength of your character. I have built a demo for ya'll to try out, The full version will not be ready for a long time where this is a personal project. 

Feed back would be awesome! 

My Personal Website! https://www.michaelwills.net/

Story of Treasure Quest: Curse of the Black Jewel

Long ago, on a distant island far into the ocean, there were two kings that ruled over the land. King Grace sought for peace, life, stability and order. While king Drake ravaged for war, death, chaos and destruction.

Conquest Island was at war. The kings raged armies upon each other scorching the island of its resources. Famished, the two kings were interrupted by six holy guardians, one of light, darkness, power, spirit, time and desire.

The guardians accused the two kings and used a magical spell that would bind the two to the center of the volcano where they would be locked away for eternity. King drake, in a desperate attempt casts dark magic to consume the six guardians, turning them into jewels.

Drake knew of the ancient powers bestowed on the island and wanted to weaponized the jewels to rule over the world. Bedeviled with power in attempt to use the Jewel of desire to grant him any one wish, unknowingly the magic of the guardians immobilizes king Drake and veils everyone into darkness.

The jewels were then scattered to each end of the island and the two kings vanished forever.


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I see a lot of fun to be had, though I had an odd ladder glitch in the first dungeon that stuck me in this up/down only route and I couldn't get off. Some thoughts/comments:

- Human models were horrifying but that's not too big of a deal

- Jump could use a bit more oomph but it works fine and it was great fun just jump slashing slimes. 

- Ladders could be a lot faster. Like, 3 times as fast. And being able to look/jump off of ladders would be great.

- Context sensitive buttons for PC would work a lot better. E.G: E for talking and picking up items, AND opening doors. On that note, using keys from inventory seems unnecessary, I would just put a prompt when selecting E.

- Maps! That would be nice as well. 

- Combat felt good, could use a minimap to see close enemies though. It is like King's Field where you just have to pay attention but it'd be nice. 

- It gave me a King's Field x Zelda vibe which I liked. 

That's about it from what I recall. I hope you develop this concept further in the future. 


Hey, I really appreciate the play test, I see a lot of value in your post that I can take an account for. Upon reading this I didn't realize that this is a much older build than my current recent build version (2 Months older at that!) 

My current build is much too large for Itch.io's 1GB limit cap, so I'm working on getting it on here.

I had taken the recent build to a gaming convention so it has been much more polished and much more has been added than what you have played, which includes new climbing animations.

That being said your feed back is still valuable to this build as well.

I know Keyboard and mouse is compatible but It's strongly advised for using a controller via PC, it feels way less clumsy. 

Development is on hold at the moment where I had taken a break from a 10 month straight work period on this game and worked on a 2D bullet chaos shooter.

It was great talking to you Yelsavick, Thank you.


New build is now on there now, like I mentioned there's more content in the new build, you're welcome to give it a try again. I'll let you in on a little secret, anytime when your playing and not in the menus, just type "tqdebug" that will allow debug mode for you to access all of the content and may fix any issues you run into too. :)